We are in the time of tribulation before Christ raptures his Church

The New Testament describes the period of tribulation when men and women alike would turn completely against God.  Covered in their guilt and sin, they will rebel the hardest and worship the Beast.  We are in these exact times.

This year’s grammy awards was an outward tribute to satan; the prince of demons, father of lies, and thief.  I went to see a secular movie advertised as a comedy with great ratings in the movie theatre.  It was obviously masonic in origin and honored the antichrist and devil.

Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. -Genesis 3:1

Lucifer was so deceiving that he managed to convince 1/3 of heaven’s angels to rebel against Jehovah.  Satan has most of the world under his hypnotic spell.  Nobody is talking about the blood or glory of Jesus Christ.  The entire world is wrapped up in things of the world.

The God of heaven and the god of this world are calling their children home.





4 thoughts on “We are in the time of tribulation before Christ raptures his Church

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  2. My apologies. The follow blog tab should now appear in the bottom right corner when you are viewing the blog. I am new to wordpress and still learning the functions.


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