The Eternal War is Right Here. Right Now.

Many consider the battle between Satan’s demons and heavens armies something talked about in the Bible which happened long ago.

This is the day the Lord has made.  Jesus Christ is intimately involved with the struggle we are in right now.  Nobody is really doing large scale commerce without the mark of the beast.  This calls for patience of the Saints.  Those who must be poor must be poor.  Those who must die must die.  Those who must go to prison must go to prison.

All walls of morality and lawfulness have been dissolved as we have established ourselves as a nation who defies what God holds moral and wicked.  In our modern TOWER OF BABEL, man has declared war against almighty Jehovah.

Lucifer lurks among us infiltrating the ranks of the Sons of God.  The blood of Jesus Christ terrifies him as he can’t kill us.  Anything he comes against us with must first be asked permission from Elohim.

Tick…Tock…every second which passes is one second closer to Lucifer’s descent into the bottom of the Lake of Fire.

Remind Satan who you belong to.  Who’s blood you are covered in.

Confession of Jesus Christ with your mouth is key.