The Beast System is in Effect.

A big part of the way Satan manages to deceive the world by blinding their minds is like this…he makes sure you are completely spiritually blind before he places your own personal reprobate delusion in front of you to be worshipped.

People were right and are right.  Barack Hussein Obama is the Anti Christ prophet the Bible speaks of.  Donald Trump is the beast.  Everything is unfolding before our eyes yet most of us are all caught up in the thorns of life to notice.

This entire system of the 9-5 rat race, money grind life is completely satanic.  God never intended this type of life for us.

Reject 666.  The mark of the beast begins within.

Jesus Christ the THE LORD YAHWEH.  The mighty One of Israel who split the sea for Moses & tumbled the walls of Jericho over with his mighty breath.

Jesus Christ died on the cross as our sins making us dead to sin and free to eternal life in Christ Jesus our wonderful glorious Lord he is so better than you really know.


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