Yeshua Messias Jesus Christ

I am writing this blog for a simple reason.  In the year when King Obama celebrated his legacy, I saw the LORD YAHWEH high and lifted up.  He was an innocent Lamb of Wonderful Jehovah God.

I forsake everything I had to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ is the way truth life Yeshua salvation Lamb of Yahweh the Lion.   Jesus Christ and him crucified & resurrected is all I care to know.  I do not want to talk about anything else but the resurrected Son of the Most High.

To all my sisters & brothers in this righteous war:  Be strong in the Lord Yahweh and the power of his might.  I can personally testify to you that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  I have seen him personally and this is a verified testimony of the Holy Ghost sealed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Saints, our time is short here on this fading earth.  The reason they are spraying chemicals is because the sun is dying out.  Reptile Nephilum have nests in our societies.  Abba YAH will not tolerate this kind of behavior from man forever.

I love you with agape love with good tidings of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  I must let you know that the rapture is real.  100% Scriptural according to the King James Bible.  It actually can happen any minute of any day.

Jesus Christ is the LORD.


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