Not Scared in the Last Days.

I am not scared in this great tribulation and during these last days.  God has not given me a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, love & sound mind.

I am preaching the Gospel of the crucifixion & resurrection of Jesus Christ to the streets of downtown Austin Texas.  People are receiving the Gospel with amazement and great joy.

My Instagram videos are getting more views than my blog these days but you know what it matters not to me because I live for the glory of Yeshua the Lamb slain and resurrected into chicana glory.

Get out in these tribulation days and fight for the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This war is about love which covers a multitude of sins.

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4 thoughts on “Not Scared in the Last Days.

  1. Thank you for posting this. I was raised to be aware that we were in the last days of a wicked system, and I must admit that, at times, I have been fearful. But this fear serves Satan’s ends, not God’s. Truly, none of us knows just what lies ahead, at least with regard to the small picture, our individual lives. However, we know that God is faithful and will not leave us.

    It seems that in the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to bear witness in ways never before imaginable. When I’ve explained what I see, from the scriptures, people seem to stop, to listen and (hopefully) to take note. I’m not claiming any great achievements, simply trying to help people to recognize today’s events within the context of God’s word.

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  2. My friend we must understand that Donald Trump is being guided by God while giving no Glory to IAM. Yahweh Elohim has not given us the spirit of fear but of love power sound mind. Second Tim 1 and 7. I am with Michael and all the warriors. I assure you the end is near.


  3. Donald John,
    Hello brother. While at my blog’s reader I decided to visit your site to participate in the poll daddy, but do not see it. Agree many organized churches are flagrantly disobedient and a good majority are big (“mega”) business.

    The latter days of Matthew 24:7 are upon us. The organized church is apostate, run by wolves that fleece the flock, and promote doctrine of demons. The Holy Ghost gives us peace, strength, and power over evil and it is crucial to don the Armor of God daily. I believe scripture is clear that if we remain close to the Lord and hide his Word in our heart we will be supernaturaly protected throughout the tribulation (I’m pre-wrath) so He may use us to win countless souls! Good article.

    Coram Deo


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