Eat, Drink…Wait upon the LORD JEHOVAH

Hello faithful elect.  I now have 9 blog followers which is alright with me because straight is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth to life.

First off I just want to tell you that I have seen the Lord Jesus Christ high and lifted up as a sacrificial LAMB.  It changed me forever to see this level of Chicana Glory.  I come to you tonight with fervent agape love and tidings of great joy.

YESHUA.  Our mighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the anointed conquering king is on his white horse.  The glory train is boarding and we are ready for NEW Y’IRUSALEM.

Enoch is with us.  Simon Peter is with us.  Sh’aul.  Lazarus.  Adam is going hard for the LORD.  Yeremias.

We are in the final countdown my friends.  No man knoweth the date or hour but…

TEMPUS SIT SUPER NOS.  The time is upon us.  Mark your door posts.  Shalom.

“But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.”       1 Peter 4:7


2 thoughts on “Eat, Drink…Wait upon the LORD JEHOVAH

  1. Hi Don, good post and I love your zeal for the Lord 🙂
    The Lord Jesus Christ has also appeared to me nearly two thousand years after His resurrection and I rejoice in Him always.
    May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you in all your days.

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