Let he who hath an ear hear…

…what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

To he that overcometh and knoweth not the depth of Satan (as they speak) I shall give a white stone with a new name.  They shall not be hurt by the second death and may eat from the tree of life.

I come like a thief in the night.  Blessed is the servant whom the master returns to find working diligently to maintain his master’s household.

If any man shall confess Jesus Christ before man, him shall the Son of man confess before the Father Yahweh and all the angels of heaven.

This is a HOLY GHOST transmission going out in the name of the bright and morning star YESHUA to the Christians and Jews who shall believe on the name of the LORD YAH of YIsrael.

Hold firm to your faith and stand on the cornerstone.  The ROCK.

The time is upon us.


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