I just want to let everyone and anyone who comes upon this blog know that I really appreciate the love you have shown me and I love you in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Time is short.  Beast government has been set up around the globe.  Obama is who they always thought he was.

According to the Holy Scriptures of the King James Bible, all is being fulfilled and the Holy Spirit has obviously been poured out upon all nations.  I am so honored to be on the front lines of spiritual warfare in the Sodom society and Gomorrah government of Austin Texas.

The harvest is plenty.  The workers few.  Who will take a stand for our Lord and Savior our Mighty Conqueror Alpha Omega King of Kings!?

Send me Lord.  I will go.

Let he who readeth this understand this.  #666 is an internal mark in your very dna which Eve was made of from Adam.  Rib of DNA.  Not bone.


6 thoughts on “I LOVE YOU IN YESHUA.

  1. Things seem to be moving rapidly, now. An Israeli politician has called on the nation to prepare for an onslaught of Jewish people feeling anti-semitism in the US and Europe. In Jeremiah 23, the One True God tells us that he will be famous no longer for delivering His people from Egypt, but instead for regathering them, and that seems to be happening. I believe that God will vindicate His name at the battle with Gog and will save those whom He chooses, both Israelite and gentile (the Church) at that time.

    What astounds me, is to see this shaping up in the news. Almost every day something happens that seems to pave the way to this final battle against Gog’s hoard.

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  2. My unknown friend, do you consider Jews who deny Jesus Christ as blessed people? My KJ Bible tells me such man or woman is an antichrist denying the Father and the Son. Gog and Magog are not what men have interpreted. They are spiritual regions. Chime back on what you think of this…


  3. Not at all. However, there are an increasing number of Jewish people that are accepting Christ. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Israel, as a nation, play a roll in the outworking of all this. As I recall, there are Scriptures that point to a reawakening of some within that nation.

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  4. The Bible says that all of Israel shall be saved. Israel meaning those who confess repent believe in Yeshua Jesus Christ. For there is neither Jew nor Greek but all one in Cristo Messias. I love all nations. Hebrew is a spiritual identity rather than being an Israelite however Messianic Jews are very wise people. I wish salvation upon all Jews yet remember Jesus said many would be cast into outer darkness who were originally invited into the feast of Abraham Isaac Jacob.


  5. I agree once again, we are all one in the messiah. The number of Jewish people that accept Jesus as Moshiac seems to be ever growing and God’s spirit can do wonders in opening the eyes of people that truly seek to please Him. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the number of Jewish people that accept Jesus as Moshiac grow dramatically in the near future.

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  6. Yes we are one as the Father Son HolyGhost are one. I do believe
    God is revealing Jesus Christ as Lord to Jew and Muslim alike in these last days. Thanks for your comments my friend.


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