Hello the few yet faithful followers of my blog.

Let me make this plain and clear.  Satan has openly declared war against the church of Jesus Christ.  Our school systems tell us our little boys can be little girls and little girls can be little boys.  Pedophilia.

Satanism is upon the land at full glory.  There is a market for children’s bodies and blood to rape and drink.  Little Johnny on the side of the milk carton never does come home, does he?  God awful.  Unimaginable.  Yes.  The illuminati is raping children sacrificing them to Baal and drinking their blood to gain power on earth.

I have been anointed by YESHUA JESUS CHRIST THE RIGHTEOUS to preach the everlasting Gospel.  Michael and many companies of angles are with me.  As you can imagine, there is much opposition led by Satan himself against this ministry of reconciliation.

Abaddon.  Apollyon.  Beelzebub.  Belial.  Leviathan.  Lucifer.  Satan.  Know the 7 names of the devil.

Father YAH in the name of YAHSHUA the righteous bright and morning STAR I bind all manner of abomination from upon the face of the earth in Jesus name as it is in heaven.

Thank you LORD JEHOVAH that the gates of hell shall not prevail against this church.

Gain your Chicana Glory in Christ and have volumes of books written of your crusades in heaven.  Judge Not your brother nor sister yet judge every fallen angel you meet.

Jesus Christ is the KING of the JEWS.


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