Nothing is What it Seems.

Nothing is what it seems.  We are living in a day where the dark is the light and the light is the dark.  All the angels are walking around dirty and homeless.  The wicked are the righteous kings admired by their millions of faithful subjects.

THE GRAND DELUSION that the prophets and the Lord Jesus Christ himself has been sent from God upon the people.  Like when Saul threw the spear at David playing the harp, these people are slaves to their flesh.

Satan deceiveth the whole world and takes souls hostage at his will.  The BLOOD of YESHUA is the only spiritual awakening that will lead to eternal life.  Many have sold their souls for temporary power from demon gods here on earth.

As it was in the days of Noe…

Lucifer means “bearer of light”.  The devil still bears light which he manipulates through our retinas to deceive us by sight.  Lust of the eyes.

There is a reason Jesus told us that the kingdom of God is within.  Satan wants to keep us distracted in the external world until we miss the rapture.  The devil knows who will be called up in the twinkling of an eye.  We are his prime targets.  These savages lick their chops at us.

Close your eyes.  Open your mind.  You must be born again.  Eternity is built into each one of us.  The devil is a marvelous liar.






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