All the Signs are Here of the Very END.

Jesus Christ specifically said that he would return at an hour which no man expected.  Just as lightning strikes across the sky, so shall the coming of the Son of man be.  Jesus said to watch for signs in the heavens and on earth pillars of smoke and fire.  Signs in the Sunne & Moone which is the Father & Mother.  Ask the HolyGhost for Wisdom.  Gnosis.  Sophia.  All the saints & angels are gathered & mounted as one against the 666 beast system that has arisen out of the sea.  The entire world is split into 10 regions controlled by 10 wicked kings.

Here in South Texas, the moon has been high and visible in the sky during the middle of the day for many months.  Oklahoma is experiencing powerful earthquakes.  Mother Nature herself is testifying against the great satanic rape and plunder upon the earth of all her resources.  Chemtrails were dumped by fallen angel alliances with the sons of man over the American atmosphere for 50+ years.

Only the FATHER YAH knoweth the date & hour of the second coming of the Son of man Jesus Christ.  What I am telling you today is that the sings are here.  The prophecies are fulfilled.  All in YESHUA.

I, Donald John, have been exiled to the isle of Patmos for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.  Once again.

Pray in the Holy Spirit.  Fast & deny yourself carnal pleasures of the flesh.  Satan and all his fallen angels Baphomet Baal Azazel Astaroth Jezebel they are trying to poison and kill us in every way they can.

The time is upon us.  HOLD TIGHT.  We shall be called up with the LORD JESUS CHRIST in the twinkling of an eye when nobody expects.

Bind the DEVIL with his seVin names

Abaddon Apollyon Beelzebub Belial Leviathan Lucifer Satan




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