Names for The Messiah

Jesus.  Yeshua.  Christ.  Messiah.  Alpha.  Omega.  Immanuel.  Author.  Finisher.  The Door.  Way.  Truth.  Life.  True Vine.  Craftsman.  Son of God.  Son of Man.  Son of David.

This is one name I created for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:  The consistence of existence.

Holy One.  Righteous One.  Faithful & True.  The One who Was, Is, Is to Come.  The Rock.  Upon Christ the Rock I stand.  All other ground is sinking sand.

Alleluia be to Eloya.  Yahuah.  Yeshua.  Aravat.  Adonai.

Master Mason.  Chief Kabbalist.  Tree of Life.  Rivers of Living Water.  Bread of Life.  Light of the World.  Rabboni.  KING of kings.  LORD of lords.  Bearer of the Holy Ghost.  The fullness of the Godhead.

PLEASE:  Whoever is reading this….add your favorite names for Jesus Christ the Messiah of Israel.  Perhaps something you have created in your love for God the Father?

Praises be to Jehovah the one true living God and Jesus Christ whom he has sent.  For he who comes in the name of God speaketh the Word of God for God giveth not the spirit by measure unto him.

Ahmein & Ahmein.  This is the binding truth.