Final Countdown Y’all

This tribulation is a lot further along than most realize.  Cannibalism and Pedophilia reigns on the land.  Everyone is wearing the mark of the beast already.  The number of the wicked is as sand on the seashore swelling upon the camp of the Saints.

I, John, cannot work for a wage.  Nobody will hire me or do business willingly with me.  I bear in my body the dying of the Lord Jesus.  I carry his Holy Image.  I have become a renegade.  Outlaw.  I shall not be moved.  This is my post.  My sins are forgiven my sword is sharp.

God did this for a liar, thief, drug addict, and worse.  His Mercy is Everlasting and his Truth endures to ALL generations.

The final grains of sand are passing through the hourglass.

I am assisting the angels in the great harvest gathering of the lambs, children, and goats.

You cannot volunteer for God’s work.  Jesus said any person who heard the Word of God and did it is his direct family — brother sister mother.  The calling of God is irrevocable.

Every soul is His.  All the gold and silver are His.  Judgment imminent.

Repent while your heart still beats.  Unspeakable evil covers the dead earth.  Nature is dying ice caps melting even the trees are testifying.

Consider the birds.  They are his warning system.

I am off the grid yet also in plain sight.  The kingdom of YAH is discrete.

Let he who hath an ear hear…

When the Trumpet sounds, Head to the hills.  Do not worry about what you cannot carry.  Rivers of blood shall drown all those in low ground.  Only those who overcome to the VERY END shall be beamed up in pure light.

5 thoughts on “Final Countdown Y’all

  1. :)) I thing He will be on a cloud and call all truely saved up to Himself. TY Love in Our Christ. The white horse is at 7 years of tribulation. He will come and set up His 1000 year reign ,Satan is bound for those years, to prove that no matter how perfect things are, Man’s heart is basicly corrupt. Satan will be let loose and many nations will come together to Fight Our Christ. Read: 1Cor.15 verse 51thru 53, 1 Thess. chapter 4 Verse 14 thru 17. This is just my belief. Please know I am not trying to argue. :))

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  2. Satans armies are consumed by the fires of God coming from heaven. The armies of man are loyal to Satan the god of this world. Satans 1000 year reign is coming to an end. We are far much deeper into revelation of John than most believers realize. Only the Father knows the date and hour.

    Our Faith is in Christ Jesus triumphant second coming where we will be with him called up shortly before.

    HalleluJah. Thank you for your input & support.

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