What is full denial of oneself?

Yeshua says any man that would follow him must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Christ daily.  He that seeks to save his life shall lose it.  He that would lose his life shall gain it unto life eternal.  

So exactly what does it mean to “deny yourself” ?

Is this a mindset of fasts and discipline?  Yes.  Is this an active, aggressive campaign against sin in the flesh and a renewal of one’s mind?  Absolutely.  But much more.  It shall cost ye everything.

Count the cost.  Paul.  Peter.  They both paid the ultimate price along with the prophets & apostles.  Thomas was thrown off a temple pinnacle in India.

To fully deny oneself is to become completely irrelevant in a world & media who frenzy on publicity.  Not only to fade from public view, but also to cease to exist in global databases.  I can no longer make purchases online.  My card number has ceased to exist.  It always comes up with a strange error.  Every person I thought I knew was not who they seemed to be.  Nobody ever calls me.  In face, the closer I drew nigh to GOD, the more I realize how many operatives Satan truly had planted in clear view in my life.

I never had friends.

I never had women.

I had demons.  

I began to bump into people I had known halfway across the world on a regular basis.

What if I told you the entire face of the earth is only the size of several regulation NFL fields?

What If I told you a place only exists when you are there?

What If I told you the entire world you think exists is a small, unified matrix held together by Satan, his fallen angels, and a league of human sorcerers here on the flat earth?

The truth shall make ye free.  The devil works day and night without sleep or food to prevent you from waking up, thinking for yourself, and learning the truth.

This world is a meat grinder in a pressure cooker.

This world is hell.  Jesus offers us a way out.  You do not want to be here when the lake of fire in the belly consumes what is above the thin crust of this world.

Jesus is knocking on your door this very moment.  He wants to have supper with you and teach you the truth in love.  Jesus is the only way, truth and life.  He is our only advocate with the Father God; Creator of heaven & earth.

For the wisdom of the world is foolishness to God.